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So I've skipped some movies I watched, I will talk about them at some point, maybe after I refresh my mind about them a bit. 
But I did go yesterday to watch The Woman in Black. Ok I will admit I could not get past ...O.M.G. that is Harry Potter kind of partially grown up. I think I told him a million times to do Alohamora on that amned door, a few expecto patronuses, definitely a couple of Lumoses and plenty of Expeliarmuses ... but he never listened.
I don't watch horror movies, I don't like them. I mean Yeah sure they scare me and stuff,but more to the point a lot of them are unnecessary gory and quite fake.
While in the fashion of every horror movie you could predict the exact point when something scary was going to appear ...heck they were scary. I think I half shrieked a couple of times, until I put my hand over my mouth...and also rolled up into a ball with my knees under my chin ....yeah just a step away from Scooby moment.
But why the fuck didn't those people leave that village or whatever...let's lock the child up ...I mean yeah sure it was not as easy as now to move....but still. I'd have moved my arse ASAP.
Also why couldn't the dead wife give him protection like his dead mother, Lily gave him.

SO Scary movie. I liked. No way I'll be watching it again any time soon. And no way I could watch it alone with the lights off, especially since I have two cats. and if they were to make any sounds during this movie I'd have a heart attack on the spot.

#4 and #5 not on my rec list

K, so Friday I saw Iron Man. OMG laughable. I'm usually good enough at suspending disbelief but this time it was just mindblowing...DAFUQ that was a human body inside a tuna can getting bashed and pounded ...ok never mind.

And today I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not really my boat either. I mean yes sure gosh strong female character who saves guys for a change, yes thank you, we need those. But it just wasn't my cup of tea. I don't actually have any complaints. Very well acted, pretty cinematography, but it simply wasn't my kind of movie, and I knew that it's why I've avoided it till now, should have continued avoiding it, because I feel bad about not liking it when it's a good movie for the intended audience. Somebody who's maybe a bit more angry then me, or maybe a bit less introverted, or not even that. All  want to say is I would recommend this movie to somebody that liked this type of thriller with some action in it. Like I really don't like Silence of the Lambs or the Pelican Brief or I don't know. Not the same thing but just not my type of movie, even if it's ok.
K I'll shut up.

Next movie will be Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy so... getting back to the regular Benedict Cumberbatch appreciation posts.
So I wanna loose some wight , not mush, just enough that I feel light, and no longer consider 3 floors the Himalayans.  

So current sizesCollapse )

#3 movie of 365

Well yes I did see two movies tonight, or more like one during the night one quite early in the morning.
Second movie of the night/First movie of the morning, whichever way you choose to look at it was War Horse. And I'm rather glad I did not wait to see it in cinema.
I know for sure I couldn't have taken my cousin, couse she at least has the foresight to not see a movie that is sure to break a heart.
So yes I knew going in that the horse lives, and I was also quite sure no other horse survives. YEAH I SPOILED IT, BUMMER JUST SAY THANK YOU. And that's exactly how it was. And I still wibbled when Topthorn snuffed it. And by the end i was crying like a baby.

Ok I won't forget to mention Benedict Cumberbatch, who contrary to popular belief was not playing the leading role... nihaha. I was sad to see him go so fast ...not sad to see his mustache go, reminded me of the pedo-stash from Atonement. Also my God he was such a posh totty. 
So this was a shorter review, cause I don't really like movies that work on the principle let's kick the puppy to see people cry. I probably would have preferred seeing the theater play, the idea of a horse snuffing it is enough for me no need for the graphics. I mean I have watched footage from slaughter houses really not necessary to see some more carnage.

K so ...good movie ...if you want to cry, and in my case start the day with a headache.  

#2 movie of 365

So this is the second movie ...ok probably not gonna get to the 365 ...I watch too many tv shows ...or rewatch if the show is called Sherlock. 2 eps of MASH meh

Any way the movie of the night was Hawking; with... you guessed it Benedict Cumberbatch. You see when I get an obsession ...it takes a while for it too pass. Currently this English lad is my obsession... well ok it's been going strong for about half a year ...and considering the number of movies he's working in it might just last a bit longer. 

He's quite amazing , I mean he's got quite a distinctive face, and doesn't he know it ...but it's quite striking, and combined with his acting ...well it is truly beautiful.  Irene Adler had it right "Brainy is the new sexy." Also he is like a chameleon ... were it not for the fact I'm going after his movies straight from IMDB, I might not guess he's in a movie. I sure deleted Atonement faster then Sherlock deleted the Solar System.

As Hawking he is this brilliant young man, trapped in this body that is going the opposite direction of his wonderful brain. And it's so hard to imagine he is the same actor who plays the vibrant Sherlock.  
In Sherlock he is ever precise, ever in control ...even when he's quite out of control, whereas here he is slowly loosing control of his body, his voice. While Sherlock says breathing is boring Hawking knows that every breath is a struggle, a fight he must win. And Cumberbatch is so very believable in both parts that is steals my breath a little as well.

There are many things I could say about it: it was moving, it was educational, inspirational, very well acted, and a pleasure to watch.

#1 of 365 movies

Hello, haven't posted here in way too long ...don't think I'll stick long this time either.

So there was this new years resolution about seeing 365 movies this year ...Yeah I'm starting kinda late, and I will not cheat by putting in the episodes of tv series I've watched by now, I'll just stick to movies . If anybody does want to know I've watched Sherlock. Both a scandal in Belgravia and the Hounds of Baskerville. Also season 10, the last of Spooks ...no I did not watch any of the other seasons I was just watching it for Lara Pulver aka Irene Adler in Sherlock. And the newest ep of Vampire Diaries. (this makes 9 episodes)

Anyway this isn't about tv shows, it's about movies.
So today I watched Starter for 10,a very British comedy, which is to say a bit boring, a bit not funny, a bit weird ...but on the whole quite satisfying. And not as predictable as a Hollywood movie ...or at least predictable in a different way.
And gosh James Mcavoy can look like such a dork.
And yes it does contain Benedict Cumberbatch ... yes that is how I found out about it... yes he is the reason I watched it ...so what.

I also tried watching War Horse ...but it wouldn't stream, and the quality was horrendous....so I'll leave it for later. Same with TTSS ...also I would very much like to see that one on the big screen, cause it's full of all these actors that amaze me.
K bye.


 So last month during exams, two days before the toughest exam probably... I of course had to spend a day and a half listnening to an audiobook. The audiobook in question was the Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan and it was awesome enough that I simply couldn't stop myself.

It had action aplenty... well especially towards the end...It had parents that made mine seem like normal sane ones. It had soo many bad boys with a hear of gold ...or maybe not...maybe without even a soul. And good boys that are deadly and more dangerous then the bad boys... and it had awesome girl characters which I liked, and which did not make me cringe. And also it had boyboy love...or well longing...lust...something...good enough for me.

The plot was good, the mystery was good..except I could tell some things from the first time I met some of the characters, but just like with the first book, while I could tell half of the secrets of the characters, the part I hadn't guessed was good enough to rock my image of the character and turn most things upside down.

And then I got inspired to draw an artsy piece...and I've been struggling with it ever since...and finally today I decided I'm done with it...it's not exactly what I wanted but if I don't show it like this it will just be buried under layers of data on my hard and only resurface years later when I have to format it.

So here I give you Sin of the MarketCollapse )

Writer's Block: Orlando lives again!

If you could become one person--alive,dead or fictional--for one month, who would it be, and why?

 Wow, one month could be quite some time....time enough to pretty much muck up history if I were to be a historical person..so i'll just have to go with fictional character.
Rather hard to chose...i mean heck there are hundreds of characters I like. and for many of them i have imagined what I would do were I in their place ... but right now it's quite hard to choose someone in particular.

But you know what if it's about becoming somebody else the best choice  have is ...well ...Becoming Erica.
Erica Strange is very close to me I have to say ...I mean yes I am about 10 years younger, but I can easily see myself becoming somebody like her...and being able to change things I've done heck yeah I want that. 
The fact that I can't change things back is probably the reason why I do so little things, for fear of the mistakes I might make.

So Yeap I choose Becoming Erica.

Writer's Block: Password protected

If your best friend and/or romantic partner read all of your email for the last month (or longer), how would it impact your relationship(s) and why?

If my hypothetical boyfriend and/or my best friend read my email... for the last month ...well they’d be more in the news about what Viagra pills you should use, and how to get a free trip to an exotic island or other phony commercials out there then I am right now. Junk mail by the heaps, pps' from my mum and maybe some invitation to facebook (I don't have an account) that's about it.
Maybe they'd be nice and clean all the spam I get, I'd actually thank them. The idea does piss me, but there really isn't anything sensitive.

Now if they used my mail to SEND some fake messages from my account that would indeed piss me off.

OH show ...you pain me

Supernatural ...yeah I usually keep to myself but this show just brings me out of my shell to shout my frustration with it.

Yesterdays show...which for me was this mornings show...was...well...tricky


And what is it I hear of …hiatus until middle of January …that blows man, big time.


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